Furniture Sculptures by Joseph Greiner

Available Furniture Unikat by ShrineArt Gallery Hamburg Germany

Furniture Sculptures from reclaimed wood and collected material. For details click on the pictures

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Furniture sculptures from reclaimed wood and collected materials

This furniture sculptures are unique by the Hamburg artist Josef Greiner. His sculptures are simultaneously art and furniture. They are all made of material collected. An exhibition of current / new furniture sculptures can be seen in Hamburg City Nord in the gallery of the artist. In the shrineart gallery you can find furniture art.

Best crafted, innovative in design and each piece of furniture art is unique. Since 1996, silver chalices, door handles, cutlery and machine parts turn into furniture components. Born in Munich artist Josef Greiner varied dimensions, playing with shape and color. He developed his art based on historical style furniture, making it as an artist at a new level on the market.

What are furniture sculptures? Why this furniture is a work of art? How do they differ from a normal furniture?

The furniture sculptures take on the task to work through a lot of small details and built ties, to the unconscious levels of our being into it and there reactivating ancient knowledge areas. The dynamic that results from the various energy fields, is used to give the artworks a significance that goes beyond a normal furniture addition.

Furniture sculptures by Joseph Greiner. For a detailed work overview, the Vita, and more designs, please visit the artist's website.